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Rover duji dating

" The collar and leash are photo-shoot props, but the anal-rape fantasy is all Rover's. He wears a ringer T, cargo shorts, and a Cubs cap to cover his thinning hair. He's the kind of guy who reminds everyone of someone they knew in high school.

His voice has a flabby quality that leads listeners to imagine him chubby. "Everyone always thinks I'm a big, fat fuck." In person, he's a skinny 28-year-old with the beginnings of a paunch, largely due to his fondness for chicken wings.

It's why listeners embrace Rover as one of their own, why they so often call to say, "Cleveland loves you!

" As it turns out, the most shocking thing about Rover is how utterly normal he seems.

"Knoxville's a completely different place," he says.But in Rover's case, it might actually be true -- at least, it's easy to think that after talking to him for a few minutes.Just ask Greg Perry, a 20-year-old garbageman from North Ridgeville: "I met him at X-Fest. On the radio, he seems like a real guy, and in person, he seems the same. And when Hillary Clinton was in town to promote her autobiography, Rover sent picketers with signs reading "Cheat on Bill With Rover." In short, he serves up sacred cows like he's a one-man Mc Donald's. Moments ago, he was an affable guy, quick to smile and a bit shy, showing little trace of his bawdy on-air persona. After kids were arrested for stun-gunning homeless people in August, Rover dispatched Duji to pay vagrants and a hot meal if they agreed to be shocked on air.

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Spittle flies from his mouth, and veins bulge in his forehead. Wide-eyed, teeth flashing, Rover channels Hulk Hogan as he talks smack on his radio competition. He is, after all, the same guy who, on Father's Day last year, called dads and asked them to listen to recordings of female orgasms, then identify which ones belonged to their daughters.

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