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Validating data types

Email addresses are validated with pattern matching checks.Email validators check the syntax of an entered email address to determine whether or not it follows the SMTP protocol for email address standards.Email addresses are composed of two parts -- the local part and the domain name.For instance, [email protected] "abcd" as its local part and "" as the domain name.

Instead, the regulations and guidances focus on requirements that the data handling systems must meet to ensure data quality and integrity.For instance, if a table accepts values ranging from 9 to 15, values greater or lower than this range are not accepted or validated by the computer, and an error is generated.There are numerous types of validation checks used to authenticate the correctness of entered data.From an ethical perspective, clinical data affect treatment decisions, which affect patient health, and the patient population in question is virtually all of the United States and a significant fraction of the rest of the world.For both of these reasons, clinical data quality and integrity are critical.

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If one or more mandatory fields are left blank, a pop-up box appears, alerting the user to the missing fields.

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